Good places to download hi fi / hi res samples?

and by samples, I mean full songs, just not albums.

there are so many hi ‘designations’ so all of them I guess…DSD64 and through the range, etc etc etc. :wink:

Amazon Music is cheap per month and comes with useful, highly visible HD/ULTRA HD tags.

If you need FLAC, you could buy some on Steam or GOG (game tracks) the next time they’re discounted (and some hit 60–90% discounts).

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hey NO, this is for an experiment. I want to see if I can discern any differences from my Spotify / Amazon HD / DSD64 etc etc etc via my phone which has a DAC that does direct DSD playback.

Try these two as recommended by Steve Guttenberg.




Those are good ones.


There’s a starter pack album from NativeDSD. You can download for free and pay a little bit more for the higher ones (I think for DSD 256 and 512).


I also found this resource with links to a lot of stuff to try out: