Good Single Player Immersive headphones for under $200

I’m looking for headphones that really insert me into the game and make me forget I’m wearing headphones, so with that being said comfort is necessary although I know it’s subjective. It Doesn’t need to have a lot of bass, what’s important is that I’m immersed and that sound is all around me. I mostly play single player games on my ps5 and use my pc for discord, competitive shooters, and other media use. I have the pc38x but don’t like that they are not scaleable, I’d like to purchase a $200 dac/amp stack and the pc38x make that seem not worth it, I still have 2 weeks to return the pc38x. If there is a dac/amp that works well with the ps5, a suggestion for that would be nice too, otherwise I’d use the headphones through my dual sense. eventually when I get a better pc I’d be playing games on that, but for now my budget is $400 but can stretch to $450 if necessary

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As a DAC/AMP, or just a DAC + external amp, I can highly recommend the qudelix 5k. It has an option in its app especially for the PS5 to prevent the volume drop the ps5 otherwise is giving out over USB. It gives You a EQ and crossfeed feature for a more speaker like experience.

Immersive=Soundstage for me. Depending where You live the AKG 702 might be in your price range. Otherwise I would look out for a Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R or Hifiman HE400SE.

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there is a respective thread for this that has mention of multiple amps and dacs that work on the new gen consoles respectively… I cannot speak on them personally myself since I do not use the new gens.

the headphone does not need to be able to scale to be enjoyed.

even in the case of the 38x, all headphones benefit from going to an amp/dac in varying ways. Onboard audio introduces all sorts of weird problems.

if the 38x is getting enough power to the duel sense I would just suggest sitting with that provided you enjoy it.

I can’t particularly make any recommendations in this regard. The information here is too vague and lacking. Doesn’t need to be bassy and “immersive” doesn’t really narrow anything down… for example… I could say Hifiman Sundaras but they could find them uncomfortable in the treble due to the brighter nature of that headphone same goes with beyers. 702 is also bright and analytical. Any recommendations I could make would depend on if the person knows what kind of sound they are really looking for…

Yeah you’re absolutely right, not something I should be worried about.

I would be using these headphones as an all rounder not just for gaming, gaming is probably just the bulk of it. I’m kind of a noob so I’m not good at describing the type of sound that I like.

One issue I was having was that with higher volumes on my pc when listening to Spotify and watching shows, it felt as if the bass was overpowering the mids and highs to the point where they were getting distorted or maybe the bass was just distorted making everything else harder to hear. I ended up purchasing the jds labs atom stack because I read they are compatible with ps5 which is a plus. Me just keeping the pc38x is not off the table as I do like them for how convenient they are and for how good they are for when I do play Valorant. what I said about the bass was really my only gripe, I think the mids could be a bit better in general too but it’s not something that’s too big a deal. I do believe that the amp/dac should be able to fix my issues a bit so I’m waiting to test them out on that before making an hasty decisions.

I was thinking of down the line eventually getting the sundaras as they’ve always been interesting to me, they’re just too expensive for now. Do you think they are too similar to the pc38x I want headphones that complement each-other so I’m not just putting one to waste, that’s the end goal. Maybe I use the pc38x for competitive gaming and talking to friends on discord while using the sundaras for music and for a clear and cinematic feeling watching movies/shows or playing games like God of War which is pretty much a long beautiful movie .

My friend has also offered my the hd58x for 130 dollars since it’s either he sells them to me or returns them since he prefers his hd560s which are another pair of headphones I was looking at haha. Are those worth it to test out for the needs ive stated earlier, including complimenting any future headphone purchases such as the sundaras.

The headphone rabbit hole is quite intense and I’m an indecisive person which is why I’m struggling here. Adding the other 3 headphones that the poster above said into the gauntlet also has me questioning my decisions.

Could be the case of onboarding audio granted the bass isn’t well done on 38x to begin with.

They are provided you have the right things installed on it which if buying from jds you need to request that in the notes for purchase

Definitely test the amp and dac first before changing around. If the same issue afterwards but you enjoy sennheiser get a 560s or if more intimate soundstage is the goal get a 660s both are fantastic headphones. More all rounder is like 58x jubilee or hd 650

I wont comment on this till I get edition xs from pokrog but xs may actually be quite alot better as a headphone as it doesnt seem to recess the bass and has the better design coming from ananda so better comfort

Not a bad idea but it’s not very good at bass so action movies and the like arent the most exciting

Lately I do the same. I rely on t1 for competitive and my aeon for like movies and stuff

If you can, I highly encourage trying both. They are very good sets of cans

702 is iffy imo, it has some imaging problems but a very large stage and a more bright analytical tone… it has two other variations in k712 and k7xx which are less analytics more balanced. Good but I would test the other sennheisers first if you can

400se is like a small sundara not bad as a test in some cases I like it better than sundara

Tygr is a v shape signature headphone, one of the best next to 560s in its budget

I enjoyed using the hd58x moreso than the pc38x so I’ll probably be keeping these until I upgrade since they’re cheap. I also feel like these won’t become obsolete once I do upgrade like the pc38x would.