Good sub for a pair of JMLab Lauréate in a ~42.5m³ (1500ft³) room

Hey, I’m new here and wanted some advice to get my very first subwoofer.

I’m currently using an Atoll hd100 as my DAC and an Onkyo TX-SR674E hooked up to a pair of JMLab Lauréate (Some vintage Focal speakers wich a friend of my father landed me when I first got into hi-fi),

they’re currently in the middle of my 42.47145m³ (~1500ft³) (I plan on getting some stands for them eventually) and I found the low end performance rather lacking from what I experience on the go with my Drop pandas. So I wanted to remedy that.

I had the Emotiva S8 in mind but I don’t know how much I need for my room and what would do a good pairing with my speakers.

Any advice?

Have a nice and pleasant day :slight_smile:


Some information.

Also the budget aims to more correct options.
But… Going for something with good adjustments / settings / room corrections / DSP always helps with end tuning. Most times when you have good settings, you also have enough power.
For now and the future.