Good, **thin** cables

Seems like so many IEM cables are chunky. Anyone have experience with good quality, thin, four-conductor cables?

Would appreciate some recommendations, and welcome general reflections on why cables got so damn chunky. Is it really a good thing?

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I was in the same boat a little while ago. I got these when they went on a sale on audio46.

Great, thin lightweight cable. I also can’t understand why so many of them are so big, cable and Y split too.

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Ask for a 4-core version of this.

^ Looks thick cuz it is 16 cores but every individual one is thin af.


Thanks, those look nice. Bit over what I’d spend on cables, but nice as a reference.

Ah yeah, I’ve got a cheap tripowin like that. Will definitely see if they could put together a 4-strand of that stuff, would be excellent.

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Yeah I get that. I’m pretty sure i paid like half of that, and even then I was a bit uneasy about doing so.

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I’ve not tried the 4 core (SuperBax) variant, but I have the Linum Bax 2 dual core cable and it’s the thinnest, lightest thing I’ve ever known by a long way. Sounds excellent too.

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Damn, that two strand (Bax) looks amazing. Will keep an eye out for one used. Definitely curious if anyone’s seen similar products from Chinese manufacturers (aliexpress).

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Looks like the Simgot cables (like the EW200).

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Ooo, yeah those are nice and thin too. Now if only I could get something like that with a modular connector :thinking:

This is similar in thickness.
Can ask for modular connectors (does cost extra).

Yeah, single strands there are still almost 2mm. I’d really like 1mm or less.

Kinera Leyding…50 to 60…very good for the price…8 core though…still pretty thin

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Kinera Ace is marginally thicker and a bit cheaper, but more importantly is available on Amazon with their return policy.

Both Ace/Leyding are sub 1mm on my micrometer, but i’m not using a digital one so can’t give specifics.

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this is one of the nicest thin cables I have had. it comes with the EJ07m

EDIT: I noticed you want really thin. This probably aint it


If that is the range you want then you want the cable i linked at post nr 3 above.

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Got the Ace and really like it, but would prefer it in 4-core (or even 2).

Yeah thanks, I’ve messaged them. Just waiting to see what they say about a 2 or 4 core version using that thin stuff. They do already sell an 8 core version with the same cable, but I’d really like to try 2 or 4.

I believe you need 4 core at least. Unlike the “2-core” cable I posted above, that thinner cable does not have any separate cores inside it.

The “2-core” cable above (and all other ones) are technically 4-core cables.

Inside the core, there are 2 separate lets say, sub-cores (+ and -), which is why it works. You then have one core go to the left transducer´s connector and the other to the right, with the sub-cores being soldered to the + and - on each of the connectors.

That cable at post nr 3.

Does not have any sub-cores which is why you need another core for you to solder the + and - parts.

Hope this makes it a bit more clear.

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Thanks for the clarification, seems like the terms are abused all over the place.

Have ended up with a cheap 4-core from Tangzu Wan’er with nice 1mm cores. Quite pleased with it so far :slight_smile: