Good Tube amp for speakers

So after buying a front channel audio extractor (thanks Marcgii!) I’m looking for a tube based speaker amplifier. What are some recommendations for a decent one? Thanks!

What is your budget?

Preferably $300 or less.

To be honest, I don’t know if that’s enough to get a good speaker pure tube amp. The Gemtune APPJ PA1501A exists and is a true tube speaker amp, but only 3wpc and I haven’t heard this before. Your budget is more befitting of a nice class d or class a/b solid state amp. From my experience it’s pretty hard to find a good true tube speaker amp without going into alot higher prices.

Another one would be the Nobsound APPJ, but again, not very powerful and I can’t speak for the quality.

A better option might be to get a hybrid tube amp, that’s solid state amplification but runs the sound through the input tubes to give a slight tube sound to the amp

Do you have any recommendations on a good hybrid then? I’m running a pair of Klipsh RP-150’s, so they dont need too much power.

What if you got a setup like this?

You get a tube buffer like a YAQIN CD3 that runs your source through a tube, and then buy an amp like a topping pa3?

Edit: a cheaper buffer option could be FX Audio TUBE-01

Edit 2: the reason I’m suggesting this is because I don’t know what cheaper hybrids are worth their salt

Thanks! I’ll look into those!!