Good tube amp pairing for the ZMF Verite Closed

Hey guys, i need some help here.

So, i got myself a Bottlehead Crack with Speedball for my Verite Closed, before that i was driving it with a Burson Soloist 3XP + Supercharger, my DAC is a Schiit Gungnir.

I liked the Bottlehead’s sound a bit better from than the Soloist right away, but something was missing. After some more time i can now put my finger on it, it is the bass slam and tightness.

What i like about the Bottlehead is that the sound is more organic and lifelike, less fatiguing and extremely pleasant, but the bass slam is weaker and slower than the Soloist’s. My research led me to the SW51 but that one is just impossible to find!

So my question is, which amp would you recommend for the Verite Closed that would keep the things i liked about the Bottlehead while also bringing a tight and strong bass slam to the table?

The problem is of course my budget, hahaha. I spent CAD$650 on the Bottlehead which i will sell if i find a better option on that price range, i really don’t want to go over CAD$900 or so.

I appreciate any help!

take a look at Mapletree Audio? they’re Canadian too and I’ve been told they’ll do the listed USD price in CAD for fellow Canucks.

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you could also look at some of the entry level Feliks, no?

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Looking at the Feliks Audio Echo right now :slight_smile:

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I think there might be some Feliks for sale on CAM right now too.

There was one but it sold yesterday :frowning:

bah humbug! well, check USAM and HiFiShark, perhaps there will be some surprises. oh, and don’t be afraid to put up a WTB on CAM, never hurts!

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