Good upgrade from Logitech Z-2300

I’m new to the forums here, so Hello! :slight_smile:
Been browsing around but couldn’t seem to locate a good answer.

I’m looking for a $300 or less upgrade from my Logitech Z-2300 system.
I use it for Movies/TV and music.
Seen a couple different recommendations for the Edifier 350DB, but I’m not sure if it’s an upgrade from what I have.
I’m also not opposed to considering something a little more expensive ($500) if there’s not much to be had for $300. Or if the difference in quality from my current system wouldn’t be noticable. (heck, if something cheaper would be noticably better, I’d probably go for it!)

I’m no audiophile (probably obvious given my equipment) but I go for the flattest sound I can get with what I have. I hate all the bass boosts and presets. In my opinion, the only use for an EQ is to help get things back to flat, where they should be.
When I originally bough the Z-2300, I did so because compared to other desktop speaker’s, they did less to destroy the audio quality. I’m still of the opinion that they’re some of the best computer/desktop speakers (in that price range) ever made. And while they knock the socks off any average desktop speakers, I know they’re no match for a “legit” system with an amp, bookshelf speakers, and all that.
In my opinion the setup is okay, it’s certainly a great improvement over the built-in TV speakers, but I’d like something better. The Z-2300 is lacking in mids, and has excessive/muddy bass. (something that has always bugged me)

Anyway, if anyone has some advice/oppinions/whatnot, I’d love to hear it.

What about a pair of JBL 305P MkII? That seems up your alley

Some iLoud micro monitors might be something to look into as well if space is a concern

If you wanted a bit more expensive all in one package (including dac) the Vanatoo Transparent Zero is an excellent option

I guess you would not want an amp, a dac, and speakers, and all the connexions etc. So you’d prefer an all-in-one.

I was about to recommend the vanatoos too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Edifier S2000 Pros also.
Kanto YU4 or YU6s are also often recommended.

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OP feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our speakers!

I was also thinking about this recently. Want a bigger desk to I need bigger speakers… (It’s a thing)

How would the Topping PA and Fluance SX6 work?

Pretty good for sure, I don’t see a problem

on sale

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Huh… a bit too much treble, especially at high volume, as Zeos said in the last review (he re-reviewed the SX6s recently). I really like my SX6s but they’re on a shelf 2-3ft higher than my head right now (it quells the highs a bit). Not sure if I would like these as much if these were on my desk at eye level.

But I am treble sensitive. So maybe I say that for nothing, and they’ll be perfect for you.
And I did not EQ these. The shelf is my EQ, lol. So if you EQ a bit, no worries, definitely worth it.

Edit: Maybe the PA3 will boost the bass and quell the highs a bit too. I don’t know.

Every time I hear JBL audio demos on youtube, something’s wrong with the bass. The kick drums sound muddy or something like that. I don’t know if it’s like that in real life, all I know is my Fluance SX6s sound crisp and clear even for the kick drums and the sub-bass. Definitely no “mud”… and it’s the same in the audio demos.

I like treble… I own grados

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You’ll love the SX6s then. :stuck_out_tongue:
Grados just have boosted treble but not that much high-treble imo (10khz+ “air” ). Not at all actually according to some graphs (the drivers just “stop” at 10khz).

For the SX6s… They go up to 20khz and more. Zeos often praised the tweeter and he was right. Recommended.

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