Got £600 to spend, what do I get!?!

Hey guys

I’ve got about £600 to spend on some new gear and have no idea what to get.

I’m looking for something fun and easy to listen too. Mostly listening to hip hop. Rock and pop. I’ve got a sony str dh-190 as my amp

I’ve been thinking maybe some sandaras or hd650s but am a little worried there gunna be to neutral. I suffer quite a lot with treble fatigue.

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks in advance


Well I was in a similar boat and just bought a Hifiman Edition XS today, supposed to be less neutral than a Sundara with actual sub bass ^^

Now that is tempting. If only import taxes weren’t a thing!!

Sometimes they aren’t, bought quite a few things from Linsoul that should of been taxed and weren’t. I’m guessing you are in the UK from the £ amount, me too. If I do get hit this time that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Meze 99 Classics. Lots of bass, which works well with hip hop, pop and hard rock.

Beautiful headphone. Not a centimeter of plastic on it. All steel and brass, with wooden cups. They don’t need an amp at all – so easy to drive.

$310 USD. You’ll have plenty of dosh left over!

Topping DX3 Pro+ and DCA Aeon X Closed would be a killer combo.

Meze 99 Classics have that bassy sig, but a lot less refinement. They’re also half the price and don’t need an amp!

If you’re worried about fatigue on the sundaras there’s always EQ

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I think you’re right to look away from Sundara and HD650 for your genres. I effectively own both headphones, lovely - but their strengths are aligned to other things.

Maybe could also look to Zeus.
Should really ask first — what are you used to? What are you coming from?
What do you listen to your music through as well, what is your source material?

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No hifi stores in your area with a showroom? I think most dj/studio equipment stores also sell sennheiser hd6** stuff.

For that money I would definitely try to listen to some stuff before, just to have a baseline for recommendations.

I’ve got some hd598’s witch are lovely but not really what im looking for. kinda feel a bit lacking, otherwise im mostly using speakers theses days, got some warfadale 10.1s.

listening wise m normally using wither spotify or foobar usb’d to my dad/amp combo.

ive seen the zeus but im not completely sold.

im guessing the hd660s are gunna be similar if a bit clearer and sassy then the 650s?


unfortunately not, especially with all this covid stuff going on

The benefit to the 660s would at least be an easier to power impedance.
However, I would worry that all of the HD6__ series might provide less low-frequency output than the 598’s you have. The treble smoothness would likely be an upgrade for you. I’ve enjoyed my 58x as a “hip hop can” in the past, as there is warmth and sufficient extension for me - and they still have that lyrical mid-forward presentation.

A good question to always ask, is “what would I change?” about existing gear.

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You could get a used Focal Eligia or new Elex for that money :+1: