Goxlr Mini + sm7b white noise

Hey guys.

I got myself a SM7B and a goxlr mini. I know the SM7B is pretty gain hungry. I like the sound but I don’t like the white noise (aka the signal to noise ratio).
I’m a audio noob so I have some questions:

  1. Are my expectations to high?
  2. Is something wrong with the hardware?
  3. Anything I can do different?

I have reset my goxlr mini to a default profile for all the testing. No noise gate, no eq, no compression.
The noise gate would filter out the white noise as long as I’m not speaking for sure but I can clearly hear the noise when I’m talking too.

First test 60dB of input gain: Listen to Audio Test 1 60dB Gain by Aaa B in SM7B + goxlr mini audio test playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Second test 60dB of input gain but SM7B + cable disconnected from the go xlr mini:

Not sure if that tests makes any sense but I would expect no white noise at all.

Third test 50dB of input gain. This reduces the noise but the signal too of course:

I tried a fethead but it does not help either. I can reduce the input gain of the goxlr mini to like 27dB but I still get the noise: Stream Audio Test 4 25db Fethead by Aaa B | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Thank you so much in advance.

Okay, I switched the interface to a M-Audio Air 192|4

Not normalized of course. I like the result way more than the goxlr mini.
It seems I had the EQ active during my goxlr mini testing.
The M-Audio has way less features but the noise level is better suited for me. + The headphone jack is not so awful noisy as the goxlr headphones (what is going on there?)

The result of the M-Audio is a good base for further audio processing like EQ and compression for me.
I still use a noise removal by software and I don’t have any white noise slipping through during speaking.