Grado DIY custom hemp, finished build!

So I’ve taken the plunge into headphone modding and fully intend to enjoy my time here, just need some potential help from fellow Grado enthusiasts.

I’ve acquired some hemp drivers and have the following items from; whom I highly recommend for both the product he delivers and from his genuine good nature.

I already have his pads as well, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with other pads that would essentially make them an overear rather than on ear headphone. I really love grado sound just not their craftsmanship, hence the modding. Any advice or thoughts on pads in general would be greatly appreciated!

please post pics with your progress! would love to see
grado g pads are always a go

I don’t have my Grado anymore (due to flood damage), but I can offer some old-old modding thoughts:

Grado are designed for their pads, or at least much of their sound sig is based from their pads. There’s plenty of people who have worked to put Brainwavz pads on Grado and whatnot, but in my experience the sound changed a bit–less airiness, more congestion. I suggest collecting the grado-shaped pads, either from Grado or the knock-offs. The S cushion, L and G cushions. Work with the headband to release mounting pressure and see what you prefer. You can also play with more foam against the driver to muffle highs and upper-mids as you need.

Old Grado cushion mod: Soak the soft foam pads in warm water with a touch of fabric softener. Rinse well. Helps the pads feel less scratchy.

After trying the Grado-style pads, look into Grado mods and what folks suggest for over-ear pads and how to install them.

Also, essencial IMHO. Removable cable mod! And a new cable. Grado’s cable is unnecessarily thick, kinky, heavy and ugly. You can even just do dual mono jacks on each cup and then get a dual mono to whatever connector you want–cable from China nowadays. Go for a high-quality braided cable and it’ll be heaven.

so…have your mod’s gone anywhere?

Right now I am awaiting some drivers from Symphones! As soon as I get them I will finish my build, I will take some pictures when I arrive home to show progress.

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These are the custom on ear pads, INCREDIBLY comfortable!

These are with aftermarket pads, grado I am not paying 50 for foam.

Overall look of them with the grado inspired pads on, headband is nice and soft, now I just need the drivers to come in!

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Beautiful audio pads are supposed to be over ear, at least the large ones.
I’ve seen a lot of positive opinions on them for both comfort and sound.

It might be worth it to get some Hemp stock pads so you can hear the “intended” sound of the Hemps (or at least as close as your custom build can get).

These are the stock Hemp pads

Here is the promised pictures of the finished build, they are wonderful fun headphones to listen to!


and was all the effort worth it?

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Oh yeah, well worth it, I really enjoy the sound profile and might mod some pads as well for different listening!