Grado sr60e and sr80e sound sig?

Grado sr60e:

Grado sr80e:

I’m guessing your asking what the difference is?

If that’s the case, then pretty much nothing. Unless I’m mistaken the only difference between the two is the SR89e has the “de-stressed” drivers and the SR60e does not. Otherwise I think they are identical. They say the “de-stressed” drivers have better detail at lower volumes.

Overall these both have a neutral bright sound with ok bass and a sub-bass role off. If you are looking for the best classic rock and acoustic cans for ~$100 these are they. If you want bass for electric type music look elsewhere.

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My understanding is that the difference is in driver matching, where the SR60e matching tolerance is less precise than the SR80e. So essentially, they’re the same headphone, but the SR80e has matched drivers.

Also believe the sr80 has slightly more bass.

Either in my opinion sound better on warmer, less analytical amps… like liquid spark, or RNHP

If you want a little more detail, I own the 80e and listen to them still.

They are a bright fun sound that can be to much terrible for some. The amps mention reduce this just enough to keep the fun and remove siblance.

They eq well… if you want to tweak treble and bass.

I don’t know if you believe in burn in our not… but they need to be…

I ran mine over night and a full day at work and that night as well. Noticable change in sound…

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If the Grado website is to be believed the driver matching is the same (0.1dB tolerance) but the SR80e page mentions the de-stressed drivers while the SR60e does not.

@epic225 I’m pretty sure they have the same tuning. Crin has graphs for them and they are nearly identical. Like I said, I think it might only be the de-stressed drivers that differentiate the two.

I think the whole “SR80e are warmer” thing is probably the result of batch variance since Grado doesn’t use much equipment to precisely match everything. Therefore some batches sound a bit warmer than others.

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I mean they sound better on warmer amps… defiantly not warm headphones

Definitely. I mean the SR80e are not (intentionally) warmer than the SR60e. Any difference is most likely due to batch variance and the de-stressed drivers.

Either way I love my SR80e and would recommend either of these. Especially with the earzonk L-cush style pads.

I’ll order them an try those on mine

Just something I’d read, but I see where you’re talking about on their site.