Grado SR60e discontinued/Phased out?

Iv’e looking to buy a set of SR60e for a long while now mostly to compare to my SR80e, but they have been out of stock everywhere for the past 6+ months at least, anyone hear anything about that?

could just be where you live and covid related stuff. I got mine 2 months ago with no issues about stock.

Did u get them via amazon? cause tracking them there and through local dealers and havent seen one

I did get them off amazon, but im looking for website and it does look like they are not selling them anymore. You could always buy used

4ourears says “sold out”. Makes me think they’re not discontinued— which would shock me in either case — but possibly between iterations. This is conjecture on my part, I want to be clear. But “sold out” is a very different message from “discontinued” either way.

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I agree…and there are shortages on everything everywhere now because of how COVID has affected the manufacturing sector. so I’d chalk it up to Grado running out of inventory than that it was discontinued.

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It’s still listed on their website: usually they would either take it down or add a note to the headphone similar to their limited edition page.


dankpods made them a very wanted so its kinda selling out easy

what did ‘dankpods’ do to make these popular?

praise them so much that grado put him on their website

ahhh… well, I do want to try the 60e and 80e as they’re the most affordable.

you can get the 80s fairly easily - to me, the 80s are like listening to speakers without a sub, very open, fairly large soundstage and on the warm side but they lack impact, bass. overall they are really nice for 100$

swapping the ear pads is supposed to help fix the bass issue. :slight_smile:

i doubt it will completely fix it due to the design but im got a set for my KPH30I’s so i give it a shot too, but unless it keeps the airy nature intact ill be fine with the having no bass, ive got other headphones for that