Grado SR80X but.........way more comfy

Hi, I am new to this hobby. Just got into this rabbit hole starting with hifiman sundara and Grado SR80X. Sundara was very comfy but Grado’s on-ear.

Let’s just say I am not a on-ear-headphone-guy, having big ears and face, the pressure is real, and misodiko’s straight pads was also not much more comfortable for me. Was thinking of shipibo pads as Zeos suggested but I was trying to think of alternative ways.

Initially, bought these misodiko cooling pads with the mind of using on another headphone which didn’t fit very well. Then it hit me that I could do this. Ngl, this is way more comfy. It sounds kinda nice for me and I enjoy it more now. I feel the sound stage is wider? I new to this whole thing so I might be wrong lmao.

I would say it’s worth a try though it looks kinda stupid😂

Hope this helps out.


Welcome to the Forum, looks pretty good and I imagine it really improves the comfort lvl but I am curious on the sound difference

Probrably not much difference