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  • Type: On Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews


so many people say to only buy the SR60 or SR80 and that it’s not worth buying the models above them.

are the 125, 225 and 325 really that bad?

I imagine this has to do on how little (or nothing) you get in build for the increase in money.

I will say though, the padding in the SR80x gave me pause about getting it or an upgrade to the SR80e.

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well, since Z brought changing the pads to the fore regarding Grado, it’s now almost a must do to roll the pads to something else to really enjjoy them, :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I mean the padding in the headband, not the pads. I already have some S cushions and have G ones on the way.

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I am just a newcomer to this hobby so pardon my lack of detail or information in some areas. This is my opinion after more than a month of usage with the Grado SR80X as a daily driver.

REVIEW: The FR Graph of Grado SR80X is nuts! But, don’t be fooled. This is a headphone that must be heard, not seen. I’ve never listened to instruments and vocals so natural, real, or open before. The first few weeks just give me goosebumps every time I listen to this.

Treble-y, but not sibilant. It is present to reveal details and blends well in the mix. However, I talked to a handful of people that if you loved the e-series, you’ll wonder where all that treble went. It was no longer sparkly, they said. Grado really did smooth out the treble on this one.

But man, the mids are just soo crispy smooth. And I would like to emphasize the crispiness. I just keep coming back for this! The vocals and the strings are just gorgeous to hear. If you listen to acoustic guitar and piano on this HP, it just sounds so delightful. How about the synth and wind instruments? Maaan, silky smooth! I started to love wind instruments with these headphones on. It keeps on tickling my eardrums. Sax, trumpets, synths wew

Now, the bass. I don’t think it extends deep, but the quality of the bass is just so tight. It is on these headphones that I heard a natural-sounding kick drum in the mix like how it should be heard when it is around. The bass guitars also have depth in their notes. Yes, it is punchy, but not muddy. Treble, mids, and bass seem to be well separated with these headphones.

I really can’t say much about soundstage or imaging as I still don’t quite understand it. But as for the soundstage, it is sort of close. The instruments are just nearby my ears I say. They are not really far in the mix. Probably an inch or two from my ears. But, it has a lot of air if I perceive that description correctly. Lastly, imaging. I think it’s fairly okay. Enough to separate one instrument from the other.

Comfort-wise though, it is a bit scratchy at first. But just forgive it for a week or two, then you’ll get used to it. I use this now for as long as four hours on my head, and it never became fatiguing or itchy at all. I didn’t really mind the non-detachable cable when I started to listen to it. While its stiffness gets in the way at first, it just relaxes as weeks pass by.

Overall, I believe this is an incredible headphone for the price. It just sounds so great, personally. As I said, you have to hear it before you can appreciate it. When I first heard the SHP9500, I was like, “What? This is what they were raving about?” But when I heard the Grado SR80X it was just a “Wow!” for me. It really did gave me goosebumps. But, yeah, I had to get it on and off for the first two weeks as it was indeed uncomfortable.

So, that’s Grado SR 80x. If you can, try it!

For your reference, I currently have a Moondrop Aria and BLON BL03. I previously had a Philips SHP9500.


thanks for your thoughts adhoclex! what you said is what most others are saying about the the 80x as well.

Glad that my thoughts are similar to others!

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Zeos SR80x / SR60x double review:

Soo… these or KPH30is. Because I already have KPH30is.

The SR80x sounds great to me, too. But that cable…

Well, it’s fixed now. :smiley: I commissioned u/genesyndrome on reddit to make mine detachable. Cable pictured is from Hart Audio.


Has anyone compared these to the hemps?

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I wonder what would happen to the sound if you switched the plastic backs to wood. :thinking:

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I mean, you could always mod it.

(Will say I am VERY tempted to do this with my 80e)


The most difficult attempt for me.

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That looks fantastic.

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Thanks man.