Grado x Pokemon

So yeah, apparently Grado is doing a collab with Pokemon of all things for their next collab lol.


I like the aesthetic and the play on image. But really, if Grado wants to make something new and modern, how about freaking detachable cables instead of painting PokeBalls in you damn headphones.


thought this might be the only time i would be interested in buying a grado…until i saw the price lol

As a DJ, a pokemon themed headphone at a pokemon themed act would be amazing.

Also as a DJ… Grado would the worst fucking thing to use for mixing. Shoot the publicist who thought this was a smart idea, pretty please. :heart:


The fact that its just an SR-80x for that price is pretty hard to justify, but the pokeball designed one is cool imo

Did you notice that the guy is wearing his pair backwards lol

quite a jump on price for just a modification like this… I love pokemon even walk around town playing pokemon go so these would be kinda neat, just don’t like spending like an extra $100 lol

this is lit

maximum poggers