Great option for wired lightning/usb-c IEMs with ANC/Transparency: Pioneer Rayz

If anyone’s looking to migrate away from EarPods or bluetooth earbuds like AirPods or other brands, I found these, picked them up and they are criminally underrated, had to post about them.

I wanted to use less bluetooth for convenience and radiation reasons (TWS were giving me mild headaches/funny sensations), so I set out to find something that gets power from the phone yet still has AirPods Pro-like features.

In come the Pioneer Rayz (released in 2020, I think). They sound great (detailed with some nice stage, warm, decent bass), have a companion app where there are many features and customizations, EQ, smart button app launcher, ANC/transparency, tip fit test, Hey Siri, etc. Onboard DAC capable of 24/48. Truly unique. High utility. These are sleepers.

I strongly recommend them to anyone. I got the Pro version because I wanted to USB-C/lightning with power pass through (yeah you can charge your iOS/iPadOS device while still listening) and the secure wing tips. But, they come in three price tiers, if you don’t need all that.
Can find them for even less on eBay, though Pioneer is running 25% off on their site too if you sign up for the newsletter.

My only critique is that the Pro carrying pouch is too small to fit them in without causing long-term strain on the cable. Otherwise, an A+. More info below…

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