Great set of headphones for gaming and music

Im very new into the audio game. i have a pair of HD600s but when i got them i didn’t know anything i got them based off of a review and it was my first decent headphone. im looking for something fun for music and gaming. i really like an open back but i also want good bass. i know that the 600s aren’t meant for this hence me being here asking for help.
all im running is a magni 2 for my amp.

i have been looking at the aeon flow opens, hd58x and the Verum ones.

don’t really want to go over $600.
any and all info and opinions would be great.
sorry in advance for being a audio peasant

So, what music do you typically listen to, and what games do you play? Also is it more competitive games or casual?

music im kinda all over the board. metal rock and rap mostly but a little bit of everything. gaming it some competative but mostly single player.

Hmmm, and are you opposed to buying used?

i don’t think so

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Looking if you can find a used edition xx or lcd 2 might be up your alley imo, would work well for the genre you listen to and also great for single player games for fun. They both have great bass extension, ample quantity, and great quality. They are both a bit wider and warmer, and I would say both are fairly fun sounding without going overboard.

If you couldn’t grab those or they end up being too much, the verum one is solid, but I actually might prefer the sundara even though it has a bit less quantity and impact as the verum as I prefer the rest of it overall, but that is more neutral. The aeon flow open imo doesn’t sound up your alley, I wouldn’t call them fun nor would I say that they have notably good bass. The 58x would be better for the music you listen to over the 600 imo, but I think that’s more than a sidegrade than upgrade

I would also suggest something like the audioquest nighthawk, which is pretty great for both bass and midrange, and is also fairly wide and creates space in a fun way, if you can find one

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A good headphone for both music and gaming is the BeyerDynamic DT1990. You can usually find it for under 500$

Hard for me to reccomend that for metal and rap it’s no secret that a lot of hip hop and metal’s production can be largely sub par. The 1990s can be very analytical and unforgiving and will expose any glaring issues making them not something most would call fun. Even with going with the bass pads instead of the analytical pads can’t change that. It’s awesome for competitive gaming and a lot of well produced music for treble or detail heads though

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I say find a Hifiman Edition XX or an Audeze LCD-2 on the used market.

The Hifiman Sundara is a fantastic all arounder and at $350 a great value to. If you can spend a little more you can try for the Ananda or LCD-2C on the 2nd hand market. I have all 3 and the Sundara is just about as good as the other 2 at half the price.

Interesting. I suppose this is also highly subjective. Damn rabbit hole. I’ll get both and return one