Great video on the decade of audio

Steve Guttenberg did a really great video about audio in this decade, how is progressed and hasn’t progressed. How the scene has changed and what’s getting left behind. mentions youtube reviewers like Zeos. Check it out it’s really good


Steve is more into speakers I would love to see someone else’s video on the changes on personal audio this past decade.or honestly just the past couple of years

That’s the first time I’ve actually seen as face that isn’t a reflection

Love Steve. Don’t love his sense of fashion

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He reviews a lot of headphones too. I wish he would find a better space to shoot his videos. its feels claustrophobic. his little apartment is filled with records lol

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Is that a bad thing lol, dudes enjoying himself over there

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I mean tidy up just a lil bit lol. But his apartment dosent seem particularly big so maybe he cant

Lol, I know what you mean, but my take on fashion is whatever makes you feel more confident and I like his IDGAF attitude with it.

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No doubt! Even though I’m not the biggest fan of his fashion lol I love that he’s got his sense of style. It’s like to each their own