Guess who won... T2, ZS10 Pro, DMG

If I were forced to rank them, I’d have to give the edge to T2 for one reason: cleaner and more detailed yet without sibilance or harsh spikes. The only thing missing is the bass that I would like to have. I feel like a T2 with better bass would be unbeatable without spending lots of money.

ZS10 Pro give you exactly what the T2s lack: bass. I personally think the bass on these is damn good. It’s tight, quick, plenty of it, no bleeding into mids or muddy / boomy shenanigans. Just excellent. Mids are great too. There are some treble spikes where you can get a little sibilance and harshness on snare drum cracks but overall very enjoyable. Perfect fit for my ears too.

BGVP DMG. To my ears these are sloppy nasty loose and boomy in the bass, mids are actually decent to the extent they can sometimes get out from under the nasty bass bleed. Highs are harsh. Just don’t like these at all.


when you say the ZS10 gives you what the T2 lacks, does that imply you put it above the T2? or is the T2 your number 1 even with the lack of bass?

If I were forced to choose, I would have to pick the T2. It’s IMO the “better” earphone.

However, to just throw in and have fun listening, the ZS10 Pro are no slouch. I could always go to an unbalanced cable and maybe calm the treble spikes. But then I’d lose even more detail possibly? And they already have less detail than the T2.

I’ve been daily driving the ZS10 for several weeks. Gonna switch back to T2 and see what I think then, but I will miss the bass I know.

Tough call lol

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I’ll also add that the stock cable on the T2 is only about a million times better than the stock KZ wire.

yeah that was my thinking when comparing most IEMs at this price range. The T2’s have it right as soon as it is unboxed, whereas other options require some sort of ear tip change or cable change in order for it to become viable, like the Blon 03 for example

Hmmm, I think the replacing the silicone tips of the ZS10 Pros with some Comply foam tips resolved the issue of the harsh treble spikes for me and so far it is doing a good job. I am not sure if it will work for you resolving those harsh highs with some foam tip replacements but I hope it does, because the T2s and ZS10 Pro for me are going neck in neck and that’s why I use both.

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With the foam tips on the ZS10 pro, does it still fit comfortably in your ear or stick out a bit?

They stick out a bit but not to a degree that it falls off from my ears, it still does the job isolating me from outside noises pretty good.

Overall, they get the job done. The Comply tips are working for me