Gustard DAC-X20 Pro vs Topping D90

If you could have either today at the same price, paired with a Topping A90 and potentially future better OTL amps,
which would you get and why?
Gustard DAC-X20 Pro vs Topping D90

If I had to choose it would most likely be the x20 as imo it’s more resolving and better implemented than the d90, generally would be my preference, in comparison the d90 is going to be more dynamically compressed and lack in lower level detail. Both are going for neutral cleaner sounds, I would say the x20 just tends to do that better, although the d90 is smoother if you care about that. Personally I would say though at the price of the x20 I think you could have better preforming options


Was hoping you’d see this! haha
Thanks man! “more resolving” sounds just up my alley.
I’ve had the D90 but the x20 looks like a premium machine and seems to have lots of features that I’d have to wrap my head around.
It has the added USB port addon too. Maybe a no brainer?

It is indeed more resoling but imo it’s not going to be a super large step up over the d90 imo. Also I think addressing your amp would be worthwhile as I think you might find that to be a significant bottleneck in the setup

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Been looking at upgrading from the A90 just not sure where to go at this point. I truly enjoy the warm analytical sound it gives but I understand not everyone feels the same way about this unit.

I mean if you are looking for something analytical but still has good body and sweetness (and isn’t harsh), a gsx mini is a pretty solid pick imo. What headphones would you mainly be using with it?

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Oof that looks like an absolute unit. Will see if i can find one locally.
Currently own a pair of Focal Clear and ZMF Aeolus should be arriving at my house on Wednesday :slight_smile: wanted to upgrade the chain by Wednesday’s big day

I see one used for 1.6k with dact but you could prob get that down to like 1.5k which would be solid

The clear would be pretty nice on there, pretty significant upgrade from an a90 imo (and would be more of an upgrade than the dac). The aeolus would also be pretty nice but personally for those I do prefer a tube amp (but it wouldn’t sound bad on the gsx)

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There’s one for a significant steal in Canada. May go that route.

Can you Please recommend a nice tube amp too within the same price range as the A90 or less?

Ah thats right, that would be very nice

If you wanted something neutral clean that’s pretty controlled, the hagerman tuba is a really solid pick. For something a bit warmer smoother more relaxed the feliks echo is pretty decent, and for something more fun and energetic the crack + speedball is really nice but you have to build it yourself