Gustard X16 arrived today

Sounds marginally better than my SMSL SU-9. Less fatiguing. THX 789 + GL2000 & Elear.

I didn’t understand when ordering though, that it doesn’t support MQA over USB which is annoying. That seems a bit deceptive. Now I’m not sure if it sounds “enough better” to keep with that caveat, since I’m not switching back and forth to jittery motherboard Toslink just to play Tidal.

What would you do?

I think it’s support MQA over USB…

read below

. USB supports MQA full expansion decoding. C0AX/ AES/OPT/IIS supports MQA hardware rendering. Automatically recognize and render the MQA digital stream after the first level is expanded.

The same here.

Well it’s not working. I’m not getting an MQA indicator on the front panel display with MQA playback over USB from Tidal.

It works with other DACs on the same computer, e.g. SU-9.

When I play DSD I get “DSD” on the front panel.

Aha. Figured it out. MQA only works with the Gustard X16 if you put Tidal in Exclusive Mode. This was not required with other DACs like the SMSL SU-9 and Meridian Explorer2.

I am between SU 9 y gustard x16, you have both?
still, believe that x16 is better?
please let me know THanks!

kind Regards.

My X16 showed too and it’s great. Objectively, it sounds extremely good.