Guts of m1060 & advanced alpha

I just write here cause I don’t know which category is right and also I don’t get enough permission to write in other categories yet.

I’ve own m1060 (2nd gen with 2.5mm jack) and advanced alpha (1st batch from massdrop).
in over 2 years, I don’t use these anymore for a long time and I don’t want to sell also.

so today, I just fully disassemble those for seperating parts as recycles.
here are some pictures and comments for inside of those headphones.
after destroying them, I decide to own membranes only.

  1. monoprice m1060
  1. advanced alpha
  • membrane

    with round slim bezel. bezels are installed both side of membrane sheet.
    against m1060’s, this membrane has more surface can move, so this has softer tension than others.
    m1060’s membranes are definitely less flexible.
    so when I blow air to membrane, m1060 react higher tone vibrating(almost feel like tin foil sheet) and alpha has lower tone vibrating (more likely to small sensitive drum surface)
    maybe these are connected to ringing frequency? or not.
    and as you might find… alpha membrane has defect marks on surface. this would be explain next part.
  • case for magnet array

    alpha has single side magnet array(ear-side).
    much simple structure than m1060’s and only use plastic material for both side.
    as I mention above, membrane’s defect mark is just same as outside structure.
    they didn’t make enough room for outside movment… fairly disappointed.
  1. magnets.

    I capture both magnet at a time.
    black/slim one for m1060, silver/thick one for adv alpha.
    but overall lengths of magnet is just same.

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@JIT Thank you for this. There aren’t many things I like more than tear downs. I’m hoping to see a thread dedicated to driver pics or tear downs on here at some point. That’s one of my favorite threads at another place.

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