Gym Stereo Setup


I have a home gym. It is a 12x16 shed. I am looking for a stereo setup for my gym. I am currently using a anker soundcore motion boom bluetooth speaker. It is not that loud for me. It is loud. Nothing to keep me pumped up.

I was looking at a few bookshelf speakers. Micca RB42 or Nuemi bs5.

Then a smsl ad18, sa300 or loxjie a30 for amp.

Was looking at a dayton 10 or 12" subwoofer.

I just don’t know if this will be that loud either.

Please help me out.

get the sa300. it has a lot of juice. should be gtg. get the 12" sub. more spl, + digs down lower.

but on the for real. how much do you work out? and how much are you actually paying attention to the music while working out. because 150$ stereo from best buy would work. they still make stereo systems. you dont have to component it.

that will play at concert levels.

edit: 189$ on amazon


link on amazon to “stereo system” check some of them out, im sure you can find one you like.

My SA300 blank screens, its on making sound, the volume and remote functioning.

Im not the only one look at the reviews on amazon.

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I have mine for about a year and a half, no issues. Are you plugging is with the USB DAC or using RCA? I could see this being a firmware bug from XMOS.

I agree with @joshua_g on the power side, the SA300 can get pretty loud and drive most bookshelfs. I would maybe argue if you should go for powered ones to simplify cabling, especially if you go with speakers that connect wireless. But I believe they are more expensive.

Using the RCA

Now that’s really strange… :thinking:

Seems to do it when it gets hot, goes back to normal when it feels like it. It plays, the backlight comes on but the screen goes blank.

Another good reason to lean toward seperate components.

Neumi bs5
topping d10s
topping pa3

This is what I am leaning towards right now. I will be using my ipad mini. So, I will need the usb c to usb.

Would this work out decently? Or could I use the dac from the sa300 instead?

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Another thing I considered. Was buying the Aiyma A07. Then using my iphone 12 with the provided dongle dac.

I don’t want to over spend. I also do not want to purchase again 3, 6, 9 months down the road.

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I got a aiyima A08 after 2 month of abuse so far so good.

There is a PA3-S