[HAC] IEM Cable Updates + more stuff

Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing our newsletters on here as well? Got a lot of new stuff on the site and wanted to try to get the word out.

We’ve made some large updates to our IEM Cable product lines. This includes updates to our NK Series, the return of our original IEM Cables, and we’ve added customizable NK Series cables to the custom shop! Details below:


Beginning this month, we’re going to rotate the stock color available on our NK Series cables available on the site. We decided to not go too jarring on you guys and keep it simple with an all black color scheme!

Check out our NK Series cables here!

In addition to this change, we’ve added several new IEM Cable models, here’s a list:

PC-2: Dual 2-pin
PC-3 (NEW ): Dual angled 2-pin
PC-3-QDC: Dual angled 2-pin QDC connectors (This was our original PC-3 cable)
PC-4: Dual MMCX for Sennheiser’s IE200, IE300, IE600, IE900 models
PC-5 (NEW ): Dual MMCX for Sennheiser’s IE400 pro and IE500 models
PC-6 (NEW ): Dual angled MMCX for Etymotic’s IEMs
PC-7: Dual IPX


If you’re bummed that our standard and “Salt & Pepper” colors are going away on the NK Series cables, fear not! We’ve created customizable listings for all of our IEM Cable models. We’ve also added a customizable interconnect listing as well. Check out the options at the links below!

Custom NK Series cables!


In addition to the updates with the NK series, we’ve brought back our original standard assembly style IEM cables! Happy to provides a lower price option for IEM cables from us!

Check out our Standard PC Line IEM cables here!

We also now have customizable multi-kit options in our Twisted Braid, Thick Braid and NK assemblies.

Twisted Braid Multi-kits
Thick Braid Multi-kits
NK Series Multi-kits

Ok that’s all I got for now. Back to messing with my new MM-100s :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre:

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@brux out of curiosity, have you ever tried sourcing a female 4.4mm jack to connect to one of your balanced interconnects so someone could leave their balanced interconnect plugged in 24/7?

Hmm we have female 4.4mm jacks but I’m not sure I’m following?

If I’m picturing what I think you’re talking about, I have something in the works along these lines :+1:t3:

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Female 4.4mm with a female microxlr jack that connects to a standard HAC interconnect. Basically a solution for those scenarios where you’ve got all of your headphones on HAC cables but still have a bunch of IEMS terminated with 4.4mm.