Harbeth to Headphones…Help

I am completely new to the headphone world, as I have just sold my entire 2-channel setup and am migrating to a dedicated headphone rig. I loved my Harbeth Super HL5 Plus’s, with my Pass Labs XA 60.5’s, it was a very neutral/organic and warm leaning setup. Magnificent really, and it took me about 5 years of swapping in/out of components to get it there. I was using the PS Audio DirectStream DAC, along with Nordost power conditioning/distribution.

So, my budget is $12k, I could stretch to $13k and am wide open. I’ve been hovering around tube specific setups, Woo Audio WA5LE gen 2, AurisAudio, Feliks. I’ve read about the Abyss, Meze cans and a few others. I’m just really looking for valid input of listening experiences. I do not have a 2-channel spot to go listen to any of this gear. So, any help is greatly appreciated.

And don’t forget about tubes! I’ve owned 2-channel tube pres, and loved the tube rolling pursuit…any help in that arena would be greatly appreciate as well.


@M0N think you could give some valid input here.

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