Hard to find Album Tracks (community discussion) *

I live in 'Murica and I’ve been having a bitch of a time tracking down a couple of (FLAC) tracks that are available only on the European or Asian or international versions of their “Extended” or “Bonus tracks” albums.

Por ejemplo:

Jamiroquai, A Funk Odyssey, bonus track “Do It Like We Used To Do”
Moby, GO The Very Best of Moby " “New York, New York” featuring Debbie Harry

*Disclaimer: This thread is only to post examples of tracks that are difficult to find.


Can we add well recorded tracks? (Nonbrickwall)

You can rip your own FLAC if you get the CD. :wink:

The Japanese version of A Funk Odyssey isn’t that expensive. Shipping isn’t cheap but you might be able to find several other discs from the same seller to make it less painful.

LOL I have the CD, just not the import one! That’s why I’m looking for just the track.