Hardware EQ for headphones

So, to start this off, my set up is;
Focusrite scarlett 2i2 connected to pc.
Little dot MK2 into the back of the scarlett.
DT990 600ohm headphones.

Because I’m using the scarlett and ASIO, it seems equalizer APO will not work unless I
use voicemeter (which adds crackling).

My idea was then to use a hardware EQ, but one with custom frequencies.
I stumbled upon the TC Electronic PEQ 3000-DT, but my main issue is it’s USB.

Would it even be worth it? or am I better off getting something else?
I can adjust the EQ for the headphones in my DAW but I’m looking for something while I’m watching videos/listening to music.

I use a JDS Labs Subjective 3 three-band analog equalizer for all of my headphone EQ:

Yeah, I know it’s not as precise as a 10-band parametric EQ solution like Peace or Equalizer APO, but the Subjective 3 lets me sand the rough edges of the sound of some of my cans and fine-tune them just to my liking.

Hope this works for you!