Harman was really right all this time about the midrange

Well, they have an offline program to test. You have to get to level 8 on all the tests to pass.

It was not easy for me, since I was stuck at Level 7s for a long long time.

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I went to Harman’s website. I could not find their listening program as available. Do you have a link to the Harman-trained listening program? Thanks

I have to find. It’s been two years, might have to dig deep.

Thank you for taking the time

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Can’t find the Software, I will upload it in Cloud and give you a link in the future.

Thanks. I am using a Mac. Is the software Windows-only?

its here


Program downloaded. Thanks!

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@Argha @HTT
I did it, all 8 and two nines :heart_eyes: i feel like if i sit for longer i can easily score higher but after 3.5 hours im losing my mind already. this program proved i kinda suck at identifying dips, thats why i had a hard time finding out the 3k recession of my oracles.


Damn, you got a really nice hearing.

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no, my hearing isn’t nice, i just had a general idea of what boosting or reducing different frequencies do and as you can see i failed alot too, so my hearing is faaaar from being even decent.

Wow near my target different bass shelf preference .

Yeah not easy ,maybe everyone will find with this graphic eq target .Company create iem not thigh and perfect target .So my question why everyone seem use my dna graphic eq target ?? 250 khz -2db ,and 4khz - up to 5 db depend on environment .So I still research this curve until now ,I found

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whats that iem? open up the iem in squig and manually put the eq numbers you made and see what the end fr looks like. you boosted 2k that would result in a thin and slightly shouty tonality imo get more bands on the eq and rise the 3k while keeping 1to 3k in check.

today i had alot of free time at home so decided to make a final eq setting here for oracles that i rarely used by now but finally they will get daily and heavy usage from now on because they sound magical now, and i can see why single dds are not enough for upper regions, they just have slightly less res due to the treble incompetencies and getting the midrange right is harder on them but still doable. if you have any hybrid with good treble extension on hand( like em6l that is 100$) give this kind of graph a try. i reduced the 8k because couplers usually add a few db there so irl when equing based on 711 measurements i always reduce 8k by a few dbs .
next to some well tuned iems, i find the eq version much more accurate than all these iems except one that is very close.

( next to df target , how the average ear hears the sound where multiple speakers placed around the listener in a slightly reflective room( no directivity))

b3 looks lovely next to the eq i made with the harmans 2017 help( eq looks better due to the 1k-2k shout reduction and the lack of mud around 200hz comapred to b3), read the review when a music producer and studio owner calls it an ultimate reference machine with pro measurements. nowadays if i wanted to buy a wired iem even with unlimited budget i would choose the og b3 without hesitation, the dusk is gimmicky trash that adopts the incompetent 10 db tilt philosophy.

some notes on the eq

  • one very valuable and eye opening lesson the harman training app thought me was masking and the massive effect missing frequencies have on other intact frequencies. when the midrange is recessed, the treble( and bass boominess that comes from lower frequencies ) seems more pronounced to the ears, why? because you have a big gaping hole around midrange before and after the intact treble or bass so your brain notices the intact and existing regions better (focus shifting )but after i fixed this issue of the missing upper mids, the treble of my oracles surprisingly became slightly darker than my speakers nearfield where you have no tilting effect. i tried eqing down the treble to see what happens but the overall resolution and clarity falls off the cliff and gets closer to the older dds i have (harman lacks upper treble because its a universal target and putting frequencies where differs alot between ears is pointless)
  • something that harman training session also thought me was the MASSIVE MASSIVE importance of 10k-20k, all the resolution resides here, i mean ALL( if the songs contain it of course, so many older songs barely contain anything above 10k-15k so they sound like shit, while some moderns songs have alot info even beyond 20K. of course its not a rule that older songs are dark, so many mderrn songs are dark and so many older songs are sibilant tinny earrape trashes)
  • also this midrange change is fabulous, and discovering it was like finding a million dollar for me. there is 0 wet or boomy loose feel to the sound now, everything sounds bone dry and clean, the transients are fast and dry, its like seeing through diamond just like my speakers.( if you listen to infected mushroom songs like the "saeed " or “milosh” or “franks” tracks you will get about the dryness im talking about). this very special dry and crystal effect my speakers had on the midrange that i thought its their tHehNicALLitY :joy:now can be experienced portable for me with a 40$ bud made for the masses :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.
  • and about the bass, its very strange, with this midrange difference i need to boost the bass now to match my speakers that sense of bass physicality, and i really don’t know why this is the case.
    so flat bass isn’t working anymore but the bass boost isn’t slightest muddy, and ill make eq profiles with even more bass so yeah its a win overall.

if you want eq presets with harman midrange with your prefrence bass/treble just dm me, ill send you for free because i feel like everybody needs to experience this beauty im hearing.

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Should I invite Sean Olive to this Thread?


getting the midrange done right is done for me( 80% of the problem solved), but another massive mystery remains is the bass. i need to ask him about the the bass boost in in ears and why after the midrange correction i need more bass to match my speakers sense of punch and weight and why flat bass is wrong.
do you know why its the case?

Speakers sound hits your entire body and they have huge drivers. To compensate for that you need more bass quantity from the iem instead to match the perceived bass from the speakers.


@Rikudou_Goku, many people, including audio professionals, completely underestimate the input from mechanoreceptors for the enjoyment of music, notably in the bass. The scientific evidence is there but more than a few mixers/engineers are still caught in the mixing for the 8-track tapes generation. I think also, because some audio engineers forget that there is a person/consumer at the receiving end of sound output that has expectaions/wants/needs.



Here is a summary, Grok-assisted compilation:

  1. Meissner’s Corpuscles: These are the most common mechanoreceptors in the glabrous skin (smooth, hairless skin like the fingertips). They respond to touch and low-frequency vibration, with a frequency range of about 10-50 Hz.

  2. Pacinian Corpuscles: These are large encapsulated endings located in the subcutaneous tissue (and more deeply in interosseous membranes and mesenteries of the gut). They are particularly efficient in transducing information about relatively low-frequency vibrations, with a frequency range of about 20-300 Hz.

  3. Merkel’s Disks: These are located in the epidermis and are particularly dense in the fingertips, lips, and external genitalia. They are involved in the static discrimination of shapes, edges, and rough textures, with a frequency range of about 0-10 Hz.

  4. Ruffini’s Corpuscles: These are slow-adapting, encapsulated mechanoreceptors deep in the skin, ligaments, and tendons. They respond to cutaneous stretching produced by digit or limb movements, with a frequency range of about 0-10 Hz.

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My sub drivers are tiny(5 inches), and produce frs from 35hz+ so they don’t shake my body they just create a sense of punch and physicality in the air. its sad because i can’t buy a sub and boosting bass in my in ears always makes me want to buy a sub because i had a 10 inch sub with my older surround system that i don’t use anymore due to neighbors crying about calling the police because it would rumble up their house and objects( can’t blame them).

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