🔶 HarmonicDyne G200

Guess the final product, we will find out when Andrew releases his review video. Even if it was the preview version I don’t think the difference would be that big, to get back the ear gain region they have to change a lot.

zeos said they were different idk
if/when people get their hands on them more opinions will shed some light on it

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I’ve heard the G200, amazing soundstage and detail, neutral sound and impressive build quality

I really hope we don’t get a repeat of the gl2000 quality issues. Sending one pair out that sounds great and another that sounds completely off. Crossing my fingers.

I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the G200 shows up in front of you, I really really like it

I dont know about calling such a headphone “neutral” with those graphs

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Heard HarmonicDyne released new PADS, looking forward to it

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Most “reviewers” on Youtube just push hype-train flavour-of-the-month from new-brand in China after the other.
Wait a couple of months and buy last quarters Hype-Phones second hand for a third the cost.

just trust your ears

:thinking: my ears will just confirm it sounds dark considering the graph. While graphs may not tell you everything they will at the very least tell what kind of signature it has when compared against the harman curve(less the test was done poorly or something)

This…^^^ Got the zeus a hell of alot cheaper this way… going to wait to try this… already heard bad things

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LoL scientist

Love the case