Has anyone ever end up

with a high end IEM as an endgame headphone solution?

I think there are a few end game iems that people may prefer over headphones, I think it’s just preference


Thanks MON… I had a lovely set up back in the day (20+years ago) a Marantz 65SE CD, a Musical Fidelity black box Dac, Musical Fidelity A100 amp through Kimber bi wired cables to the old Acoustic Energy AE1’s with dedicated stands…never found that sound again…chased it with headphones, still chasing coz living on a barge is audio restrictive but tbh the Tin P1’s have amazed me so much being an IEM, maybe that’s the way to go :+1:

I personally prefer headphones, but I am very satisfied with my iems and feel no need to upgrade to a higher tier of performance, so I guess it’s nice to not have the upgrade itch for iems lol

Although those cheaper chi fi iems keep calling me lol and I’m not going to get any because I don’t need anymore (at least that’s what I tell myself)

I actually think they still make those lol, and Musical Fidelity is still going fairly strong. Also the marantz cd players were pretty nice

I know mate but we live on an a cruising barge :ferry: so normal requirements are some what compromised…Boat Galley lol

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Quote 10/3/19 lol

*currently ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I used to really like my headphones, but with the right tips I now prefer IEM’s. If you don’t find the right tips though headphones all the way, the difference is that stark.


it would be interesting if I found an IEM that really wow’d me. due to my small ear canals it’s been impossible to find anything that fits comfortably. the Final Audio E2000 did that and while they sounded good, it wasn’t a wow moment. wonder if I spurge and get the E4000 or the Ety ER4’s, I would be.

on a slight thread-jack, anyone know how good the Final BA’s are? they’re quite a step up in price from the E series.

I’ve only tried the ba1 but they were disappointing compared to the final make series

I use to be into headphones, and was never that keen on sticking things in my ears until I got the Tin T2 thanks to Zeos and BGGAR. I very rarely use headphones for music now, unless it’s for listening to live streams, in which case it would almost always be my Sennheiser PX95.

The only end game IEM that I can possibly get with the scarce budget I have right now are the Tin P1s.

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