Has anyone heard the GoldenEar BRX

Has anyone had a chance to listen to The BRX bookshelf speakers?


I have NOT heard the bookshelves but I HAVE spent several hours with the full sized Golden ear triton towers. Those are very impressive speakers which are quality enough to warrant equally high end components. I have been in the room while very picky audiophiles argued over which speaker cables they enjoyed best Bringing out the finest of details and Spacial effects. I have listened to them attempt to adjust the bass notes down to extremely fine levels. All of this was impressive and informative to me and really gave me a feel and understanding for how crazy into the tiniest details true enthusiasts of the hobby get.

My own ears are not trained enough nor as a whole is my knowledge of the finer details of music Enough for me to fully appreciate nor comprehend all the very fine details folks were fawning over. I would assume folks willing to drop Big dollars on speaker cables for these alone would not do so if the speakers were not capable. I also assume some of the technology that went into the full sized units trickled down to the bookshelves. There were other even more expensive speakers in the store that day and these held their own as far as some folks were concerned, i even watched one guy drop a CC for a pair.
They played lovely, but i had lost interest early on in the day Due to the cost of everything and can not remember further details to say anything productive that would actually help you out. Happy listening and best of luck on whatever you decide on.

These speakers are pretty solid for bookshelves, they were resolving yet sometimes forgiving, had pretty impressive low end, and almost like a fun sound signature to them that was neutral but still pretty energetic. They scaled really well when it came to source gear. Also pretty wide and spacious sounding while being fairly defined

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That’s pretty good. How are they for imaging?

Very good but not the sharpest I have heard compared to other speakers in the range, they kinda trade the imaging sharpness for soundstage width and spaciousness

Cool. I’ve been trying to figure out alternative bookshelf in this general price range in case the PMC DB1 Golds are not attainable. The other I’m looking at are the Legacy Audio Studio HD and Zu Omen Bookshelves

I think the dynaudio evoke 10 are in that range and def worth a look imo. Personally the zu were nice but weren’t technically capable enough for me but the sound was enjoyable for relaxed listening. And it’s been so long since I’ve listened to a studio hd lol

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Looked them up. Interesting. How does it compare to something like the Evoke 20 or the Special 40. Is there any benefit from those steps up?

There are benefits from stepping up imo, increased technicalities with similar signature (although the special 40 is a bit of a change towards mainly bright lol).