Has anyone here heard the Andover Spin system?

it’s a very curious system to play vinyl.

you choose from two tt options, the manual SpinDeck TT or the full auto SpinDeck Max, which is placed on the top of their SpinStand Record Stand. On a shelf just under the TT, you install the SpinBase TT Speaker that has 270º sound dispersion. Then, you have one or two shelves to put some LP’s. If you add the optional SpinSub Subwoofer, then you have only one shelf as it’s placed on the lower bottom shelf.

I really wonder what this sounds like and how it does if you use Bluetooth or the RCA connectors for other music sources.

oh, and then they have the premium Model One system, where the TT is integrated into the speaker system. then there is a stand with two pieces and a sub, where the top stand has a shelf for your LP and sits on top of the sub, if you get it…or can get the bottom stand for more LP storage and have the sub sitting to the side. I’m kinda surprised they don’t have any pictures of it with the two stands sitting on top of the sub tho, to keep the minimalist look and footprint. I suspect that if it did sit on the sub, the speakers would be too high and their sound wouldn’t be optimal any longer.

this could be the perfect thing for my tiny bedroom and the gateway for getting into vinyl. :smiley:

Retro lifestyle.

reviews I’m finding are saying with the sub it is very good.

first time a lifestyle product has caught my interest.

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So its tri-directional firing, says °270 of sound.think the move would be to center it in the room, up against the wall. A sub cures all, I can dig it. No hifi snob here, i want new stuff.

Its grandpappy

My body is ready for evolution in speaker tech. Give me wireless smart speaker that can do surround with a battery.

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indeed! and the fact a full kit can be had for under $1000 is impressive. if you want the auto tt, then it will be around $1300.

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aren’t there several SS 360° speaker systems out there already? Sony has two and I saw a couple the last few days of smart / portable Bt speakers, just nit recalling the brands as I wasn’t interested in them.

that said, you don’t need the stand… the SpinDeck Tt and Speaker are designed to work together with the TT sitting on top with some isolators, meaning the sub could gi wherever you want

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Yep, stuff is trickling out on the surround front, now with spatial on amazon/apple backing the format maybe some serious product will be brought to market that can rival the AVR wired system.

its herasy for vinyl but i could image that spin setup with room correction so it can be placed almost anywhere in the room.

Looking at the rack, the shelf under the speaker module, delete and make room for more speaker and amp.

Sorry the mind wonders.

no doubt someone will create some sort of DSP profile in future hardware so vinyl can go that way.

just get 4x Atmos surround sound and 4x subs and sit on a stool in the middle of the room? :wink:

Thousand bucks you can justify room correction if its possible. So say you place it in the corner you run the test tones to help with acoustics. Not sure if room correction works that way for a mono setup. But it could right, i mean you set the mic at points in room the mic measures the center right side left side and sub ?

Maybe im off again in the weeds, merry christmas. Lol