Has anyone here heard the new Klipsch PR-600M II's?

sounds like they made a real winner have even more win. I hope I can audition them sometimes as I think these are what I’d end up with.

I haven’t quite wrapped my head around what bi-amping is and how to do it, but can these be bi-amped?

Well you kinda need a amp with bi-amp channels (4 channels).
Think the old PR-600M also had four (4) terminals?

Specs indicate its a new speaker with new drivers and other stuff.
New has jump cables ready and not just a plate.

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It’s electrically separating the woofer and the tweeter (in a 2 way speaker, some 3 way speakers will put the mid and tweeter together and then separate the woofer(s)). This means you have multiple amps for each speaker: an amp to drive the tweeter and an amp to drive the woofer. There is debate as to the sonic merits but that’s the general idea.

The jumper cables on the back allow the speaker to be driven by a single amp.

From Steve Guttenberg.

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From what Im told both amps need to have the same gain level. I always wanted to use a tube amp on the top end & a solid state on the bottom end. The only amps I could find with matching gain level were Mystere & Channel Islands Audio, but I could never afford that set up.

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