Has anyone tried SASH Tres?

I am trying to hold myself back to not to spend money on this $350-$400 Ukraine DIY Headphone…
But it looks damn cool. The maker can customize the wood types(now there are 3 options), cables, coming with additional close or semi-open cups, or other small changes you want.

There are a few people discuss it at Head-fi forum and seem to satisfied with it. Some compared it with LCD-2, the other Ukraine star Verum One and even LCD-3.

(I adjusted the color because the original’s white balance was too off to watch)


hmm. Ukraine, theres no politicians sons involved in this company are there? lol jk. it looks interesting but how much DIY is it? How much is it? How do they sound? what level are they on? what headphones do they compete with? Guess i should read the hifi forum but this forum has spoiled me lol

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Yes, let me spoil you. I’ve added some information to the original post


Just got my pair.

Edit: Far out, these really sound incredible.
They have so much more soundstage than my other cans.
There is a distinct softness to it, while the lows / mid / highs still hit you really hard.

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I know this is a long shot but can you tell whether the soundstage is at least comparable with the HD800S?
I currently own the HD600 and I’ve been told the Sasha Tres is like an HD600 with more soundstage and technicalities. Since I am eyeing a future purchase of the HD800s, knowing this might come close to it would spare me over a thousand bucks.

Where do you buy them? is there a web store?

No web store either contact him on FB or…