Has anyone used Koss KTXPRO1?

Has anyone here used koss ktxpro1 headphones ? how do they sound ? how good or bad is there sound comparing to koss ksc75, portapro and ksc35i ?

I had a pair before i got into the whole hifi headphones thing. i remember them sounding great. with good bass. But i like the kph30i best of them all. Metal571 did a review of them all including the KTXpro:

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Thing is the protapros and kph30i are 30$ and up. the ksc75’s are selling for 15$. but you still need the headband and thats 6 bucks. the KTXPRO1 are build a lot like the kph20i sound just as good and are 17$. it beats all in price

The ktxpro1 had the most awkward and uncomfortable headband…even my wife complained about it, lol. It needs to be replaced. In addition to that, those are ksc75 drivers. Not worth imo.

I’ve had the PortaPros, KSC75s, and the KTXPRO1. The only ones I still use are the PortaPros. It’s been a while since I listened to the KTXPRO1. My biggest issue with them was comfort. The pads are almost non-existent. I’d put a set of YAXI pads on any of them:

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