Have you ever used bipole speakers as rear channels

From what I understand bipoles are for side channels and most people use mono poles for the rear channels. Have any of you ever used bi poles for the rear? I watched zeos surround sound videos where he seems to think anything is ok to use in the rear.

is that a dipole or a bipole just to confirm?

You should be fine as long as you don’t have the surround directly pointing where you are sitting.

It’s a bipole, I don’t even know where to buy a dipole, I don’t think many companies make them still

Just wanted to check, but yeah you should have no problems unless you encounter some strange reflections in corners, so I guess don’t position them so they do that

That sounds like him.

You can use them anywhere in side or rear channels. They are designed the way they are in order to make it more difficult to tell where the speakers are located, to help with being immersed in a movie or game. I plan on using biopoles in my home theater. I think they are great for rears.

I got my side channels mounted and just in 5.1 they sound incredible, the sound super wide and can even do a pretty convincing phantom rear channel. Not sure if I’m going to mount the rear speakers yet because of how my room is the back wall is my dining room/kitchen and it will probably piss my girlfriend off even more than I have already.

Smart man. Relationships are a marathon, not a sprint.

Man is that ever true.

Is there a double-entendre joke somehwere…
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Yeah you can get a pretty good phantom rear sometimes. Also have you tried actually setting the rear on the floor up against a wall in the rear so it bounces off the back wall if you aren’t able to hang one up?

No I haven’t, but I don’t know how well that will work since behind my couch is a glass door and my kitchen with lots of cabinets, so not many flat surfaces to bounce sound (sorry Dolby)