Having fun with Coat Hanger Speaker Wires

I made a video demonstrating how an audiophile would approach coat hangers as if they made great speaker cables. Most of the logic in this video would make sense to an audiophile with more money than sense. Enjoy, hope this vid gets a few laughs.


Ok, that was funny. Solid core wire, dipped in liquid rubber and you can sell them for $400 pair x12ft…:joy:


Leave them blank, market as “no insulation reduces reflection on wire surface”


Haha I love this. I will have to send some buddies to this video.

So many people are into the cables hoopla. Watch for incoming, “you just don’t have an resolving enough system to hear the difference.”

If only there was a similar thing you could do with power cables next.

I remember this big write up back in the mid 2000’s about a guy with some high end gear blind A/B testing a bunch of his audiophile friends on different cables, including coat hanger wire. they couldn’t tell the difference between any of them.

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I remember seeing a video Thomas & Stereo recently put up w/similar concept testing cables and his friends…at least i think it may have been him.

I’ve done tests on family and friends over the years just because they have no idea what wires are what. My wires were never over 12ft and I’ve used anything from 14awg CCA to 10awg OFC. Never had any of them say for sure they could here a difference. Now if I went down to 18awg or 20awg OFC then most of them would notice some loss in the low end. My wife was a flutist for a couple years, knows how to read music and listen to instruments pretty well. I’ve tried two different cables with her on some of her favorite songs. I used 14 awg CCA zip and quad 14awg OFC. I told her which was which cause she could care less and thinks my hobby is a bit ridiculous. She said the quad 14 OFC might be a tad fuller… but really wasn’t sure. I believe there is a minimum wire gauge depending on its material, but for most people 14awg CCA/OFC or larger and under 20ft is fine they won’t notice the difference. I cant speak for high end systems that cost thousands of dollars, maybe a different story. This video was a lot of fun and wanted to find out for myself, I’ve tried many different wires and haven’t been convinced yet.

I plan to do other Audiophile snobbery videos on power cables, speaker cable floor insulators, CCA vs OFC etc.

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Don’t worry, I won’t forget

All I have to say is at this level they essentially make no difference, but for a really high end system, differences are apparent

Great vid btw :+1:

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When you say it makes a difference with high-end systems… is it like… okay maybe now you want to spend at least $100+ on some really well shielded cables with really low impedance? Or the $5000 pure silver… with perfect purity… etc etc… make a difference?

I mean like 500 at most from my experience depending on what it is

Actually we were talking about it in Adams shitpost thread lol

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One sign some high end cables are BS is length. Unless passive components are added to the cable to maintain resistance, inductance etc. as the length changes all these values change. Two identical high end cables one 6ft the other 14ft will measure different unless passive components are added to make them meet the same spec the engineer designed for.

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Yup, the shorter the better lol (for any cable)

I’ll tell you all where cables can make a difference, noise floor. Depending on the situation, a good, i’m not talking super premium here, cable vs some of the real cheap or well used old cables, make differences you can hear. If your system sounds just fine w/cheap, inexpensive radio shack quality cable, leave it alone. Personally, i have had to swap out some of my old, well used RCA’s a few months ago due to loose connections, and noise issues. I didn’t buy anything crazy, just some monoprice and Amazon brand RCA’s but they fixed my problems. If you enjoy the looks buy all the crazy expensive stuff you want. If you can hear a difference in “air”, “color”, “depth” or “palpability” more power to you!

Just for fun I tested the coat hangers with my DATS V3, which is accurate down to .002ohms. The hangers averaged .08ohms after 3 tests which very low resistance, nearly the same as the 8ft 14awg OFC speaker wires I made at .07ohms. A pair of 6ft 10awg CCA wires I made tested at .06ohms. Quite surprised, coat hangers could be used as some decent speaker wires…LOL.