HD 280 pro or k361

want something for casual listening and music


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I have not heard either, but I’m pretty sure the K361 is going to be the better buy. all that said, how about you tell us how much you can spend and what music genre’s you listen to and whether you’ve got a DAC or headphone amp and we’ll be happy to help you find the best value for your monies.

you can call me laksh, and i like pop and hip hop for the most part.And i really like to listen to theme songs from john williams and the other guys. i consume a lot of content on youtube too. and no i do not have any dac or amps but i am thinking to get one of those dongle dacs. and if k361 is your recommendation then how do they stand up against the yamaha mt5 (these are my first headphones)

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Would you consider IEM’s?..both the sets you’re asking about are closed back…for the same :moneybag: and no Dac/Amp needed, IEM’s would offer you way better bang for buck when it come to sound quality :+1:

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tbh my knowledge toward IEM is little (gonna start my research about them now) but i would not mind some recommendations .

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hey Laksh, thanks for the answer with those details. if you go with IEM’s the dongle options will work very well, but not so much for larger headphones. it will work, but it won’t be as good as it could and should be.

what is your budget and where do you live? do you have any preferred stores or websites you can buy from?

@Ohmboy I would disagree with your DAC / Amp ‘not needed’ comment. needed? a must? absolutely! sometimes they’re just built into the device you’re using them with, LoL! on a more serious vein though, I think a proper external DAC and Amp are a must as they will enhance your sound, but as mentioned, there will be cases / circumstances it’s not as important as others…with the others being more often than not, though.

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Most modern phones and motherboards have enough power to drive ‘most’ IEM’s well, but yes adding a Dac/Amp will help with the overall sound quality that’s why when I’m adding a new official IEM thread I put “Amp Needed : No but better with” :wink:

@lakshyabhati1 You really don’t need to spend much above $50 especially this being your first set here’s Chris’s recs around that price…

If you are wanting more advice regarding IEM’s in general then maybe start a thread in the IEM section as there are plenty of knowledgeable and friendly folk there that can help, just give them a budget, genres you listen to and preferred sound sig etc :+1:


i live in india and my budget was a $100 but i think now i’ll buy an iem and next year maybe a good closed back
@Ohmboy i have gone through some IEMs and i will move the conversation in the iem forum

thank you

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I have the K361 and the MH752 and I like the MH752 way more than the K361. Better fit and feel on my head, more balanced sound and better soundstage. If you ask me, buy the MH752/MH751 instead of the K361

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yeah i would wanna buy those but they are really expensive over here

@Ohmboy i have done more research and have decided to go back to my prev budget and then came across the danu titans and the aria what do you think is better the titan s is a little cheap here

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Oh ok I found them refurbished on ebay für 40€ here in Germany…

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My knowledge of budget IEM’s is pretty limited tbh new sets come out on a daily lol, I could tag a few folk that would be able to help but you’ll get a better response if you ask in the IEM section :+1:

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if you can order from Linsoul, go check out their BF sale, lots of affordable IEM’s that are well thought of, like the Sparks.

i checked them but the site i am buying from (headphone zone) do have the budget options too and i am going for something wired cause past tws experience was very bad. i dont wanna buy anything expensive from outside because import taxes.
Thank you

I am not keen of the TWS either and honestly, wired is almost always the better solution. wireless is all about convenience and big strides have been made in increasing the audio quality over Bt, but wired still beats em.

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I finally bought the 7hz salnotes zero and they are brilliant
Thank You all for your support.


Cool glad you like your new set :smiley:

Edit: PS you saved a few :moneybag: too :+1: