Hd 559 vs shp9500

I can’t decide if I should choose the Sennheiser HD 559 or Phillips SHP9500. I can buy the 559 with a discount, so they’re about the same price. I just want a pair of good sounding headphones that I can use for gaming, too. I usually listen to Rock/Pop/lofi hip hop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them in stock in my local stores, so I can’t try them out unless I buy them (I can try the 559 for free, but I’ll have to wait about a month or two for them to arrive).
What should I choose?

I suppose this will depend entirely on where you live however, the SHP9500 can actually be bought for like… $50 actually. I just bought two one for my nephew and one for myself to modify. So, if you can get it cheap, normally you can just get it this cheap through the used options of amazon and they are still in great condition, like this I would say the shp9500 is nicer since it’s great for a modders headphone if you are okay with that. HD 559 is a bit bloated on the bass but still very balanced and well rounded in it’s sound I think both will do great. If you want to modify the shp9500 look into MODHOUSE for their 3d rings you can pop off the clips for the pads then swap over to a new pad but a lot more comfort and alternative sound signatures. SHP9500 is compatible with v-moda boom pro and wireless 3.5mm bluetooth adapters like this here https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Headphones-Hands-free/dp/B01KXIKCSI/ref=sr_1_16?crid=1ZUVMXTGIPG9Q&dchild=1&keywords=mpow+bluetooth+receiver&qid=1594831740&sprefix=mpow+blu%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-16 which makes it more adaptable while the sennheiser is a 2.5mm and can use those styles of boom microphones.

I would say if you want a slightly bassy more balanced sound with a moderate soundstage go with the sennheiser. If you want a bright headphone that you can find cheaper with a larger soundstage and a lot of modification potential go with the shp9500

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Thank you for detailed response! I would like to have warranty on these, so the used market is not an option. 559 with 2-year warranty goes for 100$ here (80$ with a discount) and SHP9500 with 1-year warranty from Aliexpress goes for 75$. If SHP9500’s brightness wont hurt my experience with lo-fi music(will it?), I think I should go for them, then. Modding options are very nice bonus, too. Thanks!

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Nah, it’s not really sibilant or anything from my experience. You just may want another purchase with some other pads for comfort and alterations to the signature. It’s very easy to change the bass by swapping out the pads to something like a leather based material or suede. Just be sure you pick up the 3d rings(they should be like $10 from modhouse) and look up the guide for changing out the pads(you don’t need the 3d rings but it becomes much more complicated without them as the pads are glued to the snap on plastic ring… its not really difficult but better safe than sorry.

Keep in mind that modifications will void a warranty though.