HD 560S channel imbalance at low volumes

I recently bought the hyped HD560s. I really like them soundwise but there seems to be some kind of channel imbalance at lower volumes. I’m driving them off of my Dragonfly Red which isn’t the most powerful thing in the world but is it normal to have my center image slightly shifted to the right? It’s kinda annoying and I hope it can be resolved.

If the issue is volume dependent the issue is in the dragonfly red.

Can we test different headphones on the Dragonfly and the Sennheisers on a different amplifier/output device?

It’s not really volume dependent but I listen at relatively low volumes and never tried loud volumes since they hurt my ears. At all listenable volumes I tried there was channel imbalance. I tried them with my Fiio Btr3k and apple converter as well and the problem persisted. Is this because of the single sided cable setup and high impedance or was I just unlucky with my model?

My ksc75 and Moondrop starfield don’t have this problem on the same device

Can be that there is a problem in the drivers match, is not really a common issue but is possible in that case if you can better return the headphone. Did you try with a single tone or a sweep? Sometimes with the songs is difficult to understand.

I’d suggest you have a problematic pair at this point.
I think you’ve done sufficient testing.

Are you sure? I thought this was a common problem with single ended headphones with high impedances. I really want to think it’s all in my head since I really like the headphone…

I owned many headphones and I never experienced that, so I don’t consider it a common issue, usually channel imbalance is pretty common in the high frequencies but until 3k you should get an almost perfect match.

Yeah I tried some FLAC sweeps and there was still some slight deviance to the left. I hope I’m just making things up but I fear for the worst…

In that case the best solution is return it or use the warranty because is something that should not happen. If you can’t usually from the settings of the DAC you can unlink the right left volume and reduce one of them until the drivers are matched.

Download Peace APO if you need to tweak.