Hd 560s works on ps4 controller?

hi guys, i like to know of the headphone hd560s works on ps4 controller, because they have 120ohns. i already have the V-moba for mic.
i wish buy the pc38x from drop but they don’t ship to my country.

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120 ohm is quite a lot, the Ps4 controller was never designed for that.
If that is the case, then maximum inears and small headphones up to 16 ohm.
With 32 ohm it is still a pleasant volume where you would like to get a bit more.
The ideal solution is to connect a Dac via optical out on the Ps4 pro or via the TV.
And then connect the Hd 560s there.
If your Vmoda has a 3.5 jack, plug it into the controller as a microphone.
That is actually the best Solution.

I’ve tried it and it worked perfectly fine for me