HD 600 Advertisement

Can we lose this ad now please!!!
Or at least change it for something else.


Trying to Destroy an AD?


Agree please loose this add…its getting really silly…


For ages I thought it was about how pad swapping hd600s ruins them :joy:

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Send the site proprietor a check for double the lost revenue due to the ad removal, and I’m sure he’ll comply.

Your correct, its capitalism at its finest…
I have no problem with this…
Just dont like the add being here.
Obnoxious after awhile.
And its not my site and they have all the right in the world to have it here…

Door is not locked…we can stay or go…
Its each one of our decisions.

Enjoy the music while you can!
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Exactly. It is YouTube-Reaction-Channel levels of obnoxious, not a serious ad.

For comparison, the ads on EEVBlog forum:

While im not opposed to the ad itself, it could use a little love in terms of formatting and aligning it with the comments on topics so it doesn’t stick out as much - i think that is the major issue that bugs most people

I’m aware advertising is a necessity but the fact it’s so large and is a direct link to the video is what’s most annoying…the amount of times I’ve accidentally clicked to the video whilst trying to scroll past the add is ridiculous.
At least make the link separate from the photo.
Plus we’ve been staring at the same add for so long it would be nice for a bit of a change.

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I agree some rotation would be nice, but the number of advertisers that get the same bang for their buck are probably fairly limited.

This forum is probably fairly rich with potential Dekoni purchasers. I have never seen an ad for ear tips, but I would think there is some competition in that space, but maybe not enough margin for marketing money.