HD 6XX first impression vs PC38x using ifi zen dac

okay, I had been using pc38x for a year and selling it to upgrade for 6XX. I think I like the PC38x tuning more than hd6XX. The treble in 6XX sounded dull to me and the hump in the upper bass makes it sound a bit muddy compared to PC 38X. And for the resolution, I think 6XX has the edge a bit over PC38X. That’s all I think. I am wondering if my source is not enough to get the full potential of 6XX.

Note I am running HD 6XX on single-ended.

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you’re probably getting 90-95% of the full experience don’t go crazy on your setup for $200 headphones lol

oo I see, thanks for the clarification coz it will save me money, and is there any difference running them in balanced and unbalanced?

balanced is more for super long cables or if you need more power 6xx’s are fine SE