HD 6XX or Aeon Open X for portable home use

So I’m looking for a headphone to use portable around the house. I want something light and comfortable that I can wear for a couple hours at a time with no issue.

As for sound, I prefer something easy to listen to and laid back. My favorite headphones are the Koss ESP/95X and the LCD-2 fazor. The reason that I’m not instantly jumping on the 6xx train is because they are frequently compared to the Focal Elex and I hated those headphones, I found them incredibly fatiguing after 30 min.

FWIW I don’t think the 6xx/650 sounds anything like an Elex, and outside the somewhat forwards midrange, I’ve never understood that comparison.

Having said that, the 6xx/650 has significant flaws especially on entry level source gear, it’s strength is it’s midrange, it has little Bass and little treble and the staging is relatively intimate.
Where it shines is it’s ability to scale, it’s quite magical on mid and higher end valve amps, it’s the only entry level headphone I still use for it’s sound, nothing else I commonly use costs less than 4 or 5x as much.

Given what you like, I don’t think the 6xx is the pick for you TBH.

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I have the Aeon2 open and it is a really really comfy set… I have literally worn them for 8 hrs with no problem whatsoever.

Both of these two headphones really change a lot depending on the source gear. Aeon Open X is more harman neutral tuned but is still relatively V shaped with a large soundstage and very thick sheepskin pads built luxuriously(I wouldn’t particularly say sturdy its just rather pretty) meanwhile 6xx is very neutral balanced in sound, relatively small oval thin velour pads, quite narrow soundstage and is very intimate in its sound and built nice but not as hefty as the aeons. If you want the relaxed approach definitely go with the aeon over the 6xx.

I dont know why people dont like the hd6xx pads or call them thin. Even after 5 years mine are still comfy and my biggish ears dont touch on the inside. This is also with glasses. I’m replacing them now as my skin oils have just dirtied them up too much but thats a velour thing in general.

To me the hd6xx physically are well put together, open, light, and breathable on my head. And they stay put.

It does need a decent push from the source gear sq wise so it depends on your portable setup. The sound is also what i consider comfy as they are the only cans that dont hurt my ears when i get the too often infection or inflammation. Others above describe the sound well. Bass is there but doesnt thump, treble is non offensive but doesnt overly sparkle, mids are great senn mids.

With this said i have an lcdx and 24 but i wear these often and ordered a crack kit special for it.

I have not tried the aeon or focal to comment or compare those

Because they are relatively thin. Not pancake but thin. Doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable. I have large ears though and my ears definitely touch the inside of my sennheisers.

Lighter, breathable, and open but I wouldn’t say they are built sturdy like beyers. Aeons are heavier and just feel like luxury granted I wouldn’t say drop them and see what happens.

both headphones need a push from source to get full benefit. Granted I find the more intimate nature of the sennheiser 600 series not all that relaxing to me other than the fact it’s not glaringly bright or overly bassy. Sennheisers are great for those who appreciate reference or want a headphone that’s extremely neutral at the same time the house sound from sennheiser allows them to have spectacular mids.

I think it will depend on how you can tolerate the weight of the aeon in comparison… they are quite hefty compared to sennheisers which are very light. Comparing the pads though… the aeons pads are about… I want to say close to twice as thick as the sennheisers. Sennheisers pads are closer to like what beyer and focal use however, as someone with large width ears I despise oval pads.

Once again, not saying its not an issue for people but the pads and head clamp never got to me. And i have a big block head. Since you mention it the bottom of my ear lobes dont fit into the inner cavity but the pads never bothered them mostly as they conformed a divot there.

I still say they are well put together. Not luxury anything and for sure plastic, but it feels like things were meant to snap together precises. After taking them apart to clean they snapped right back together where other plastics would want to warp or disfigure. I do have a first run of the the hd6xx so this may have changed. Nothing creeks and compared to my ultrasones, which i wore less, have the plastic dry dusting away, and dont hold size despite never adjusting them, yeah they feel well built and look brand new. Im not a beyer person so as they do look sturdy, i never wore them long enough to appreciate what they have.

Soundstage is smaller but that is something im used to. Most cans i have sound like im in front of the basement stage of an nyc jazz club. Soundwise i still would say it is comfy and relaxing. It is my old, comfy, graphic detail faded, has some holes but wont get rid of it sweatshirt headphone.

I think also OP may need to give more info about his preferences and music taste. If he is all about metal and electronic music i dont think a senn of any type is in his future.

same, I mean it bothered me at first personally, but I did get used to it. They are quite nice after a while.

I mean, the only thing I am concerned with the aeons is the blue(or red for aeon 2) portion that looks like some kind of paint as I worry if after a while it may chip off… It’s smooth as hell though and I can’t quite tell if thats some sort of metal or just a extremely smooth plastic. Agreed though that the sennheisers are not built cheap they are quite nice in that regard. My only real complaint is I wish the pads were just a bit larger to fit me better other than that they sound beautiful.

The beyers, especially like the 1990, just feel like they are built very sturdy what what all the metal surrounding the entire frame. Quite nice but really only good if you enjoy brighter headphones.

I mean, in my opinion sennheiser can do any genre quite well but due to neutrality if you prefer certain genres you may find them a little lacking in some cases. For like EDM and Electronic for example I must prefer something like a V signature or for metal more of a Warm signature.