HD 6XX or Hifiman Sundara?

Hello, I currently using pc38x for music and gaming. Pc38x sounds very good at least to me. Then, I think I want more musical headphones and I did research on it. Eventually, I set my eye on these two, Sundaras and 6XX. I heard Sundara is better with EQ than the 6XX and a better all-rounder

Do you know what you’d like to change about the sound of the PC38x?
What are you running them off of? Is this pair intended to be music-only, or also gaming?
What kind of music do you most want to enjoy on them?

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Pc38x is not resolving and not very good at music separation. I want a pair of headphones that has a decent technicality. I have ifi zen dac and I occasionally pair them together. I mainly use PC38x for pretty much everything like music, gaming, and also movies. I mostly listened to pop and EDM music.

Haven’t heard Sundara, but they are highly recommended from what I have seen. 6XX on the other hand I am very familiar with. Great mids for vocals, close and intimate stage, and very easy to listen to over all. I really like them in genres like jazz, folk, or prog-rock. Female vocals sound better than anything else in particular for some reason (ex: rebecca pidgeon, norah jones, zaz). They struggle with bass-heavy genres (slightly better with tube) and as mentioned previously are not wide at all for games like fps. They are pretty good at taking poor quality music and ‘rounding the edges’ to make it better. I have had previously fatiguing albums be transformed to completely listenable on 6XX. Hope someone can fill you in on the Sundara, but I think that you will be happy either way as they are both regarded fondly.

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For those genres Sundara is the easy pick imo.

I got them both, and had them for almost 2 years. Sundara is much better…on a different performance level.

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Buy used and buy them both. Then get rid of the one you don’t like. They completely different animals and will shine under different circumstances. I will say the Sundara feel cheap AF and were too bright for me but they’re well loved and have a great following for a reason.

Likewise the 6XX is a modern classic with just as devout a following… and if you should happen to get a Bottle Head Crack amp with the Speedball upgrade, you may never need to buy anything else again.

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I have the sundara and I had the 650, for pop and EDM definitely the sundara is better and is also on an other level in terms of instrument separation, but the 650 is more musical.

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I think the best argument for 6xx that no one counts, is that the sundara will probably break at some point while the 6xx might outlive you


6xx for sure, heard about a lot of build issues with the sundara. senhiesers do usually have pretty solid build.

I have them both, and I like them both.
Bought the 6XX first first, then the Sundara.

If I had to choose one, I’d keep the Sundara.

A good way to describe the difference is, the Sundara are more neutral, less opinionated. Pretty much everything sounds good through them, and if you want more bass or whatever, it’s easy to EQ. I run them through a Loki with no problems whatsoever.

The 6XX are great, but they have opinions about how things should sound :slight_smile:
While I like them and listen to them occasionally, I use them a lot less compared to the Sundara.

Whatever you buy, spend some time to get used to it. Also, if you get the 6XX, you may want to force the band open a bit. I almost sold them at first because of the pressure -.-

Edit: I have the 2020 revision Sundara with the angled pads.