HD 6XX problems?

I just noticed that my the left side of my HD 6xx(made in Romania) doesn’t rotate only right side is this normal on massdrop version?.because my HD 600 do rotate both earcups

The 6xx should rotate on both earcups. It it seized? I think they moved the manufacture of the 6xx from ireland to romania, so no problem there. The 6xx should be built very close to the 600 regarding the cup swivel, so I would try an ease into it to see if it is just stuck. You can also try putting some lubricant on the point where it swivels and see if that corrects the issue

Senn factory: https://en-de.sennheiser.com/sennheiser-plans-new-factory-in-romania

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ur a fckn genius it worked ! bot sides swivel now ty

NP, they can sometimes get seized for no reason. Also if it starts to squeak wd40 works pretty well to fix that

I think I’m selling mine but I don’t know. It’s a nice headphone but the mids sound alright, and theirs nothing different about it.

So you would be looking for something more exciting? The 6xx has great mids and timbre, but does roll off the highs and bass. More of a neutral headphone

I’m not bored with neutral sounding headphones, I have a m40x and the neutrality doesn’t bother me. It seems it just ain’t what I’m into.

I agree that neutral doesn’t necessarily mean boring, I was just noting that the 6xx is a pretty laid back headphone

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Yes! That’s it…it seems too laid back. The whole headphones package combined with the light veil makes it feel like something is missing.

Yeah, the 6xx is known for a relaxing, laid back sound that some people really enjoy, and some aren’t satisfied

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Selling them both will put something back in my pockets if I go for the m1070 or 1570. It’s gonna be a helluva year…

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