HD 6XX vs HE4XX?

How would you guys compare the 6XX’s and the 4XX’s? Especially imaging for gaming + detail and bass, comfort, and sound signature?

I mainly listen to rap + hip hop, rock, indie, edm, and lofi. I also play games where I would benefit from a pair that does imaging really well, and a nice, wide soundstage. Bonus points if you also throw the Argon’s in the mix.

Whichever I choose in the next few weeks, they will be running off of a Topping e30 and a50 that I have coming as we speak. I have both the DT770’s 80 ohm (would like more… well everything, but very comfortable and seems good for mixing) and the Phillips X2’s (I love the treble, would prefer slightly less to avoid fatigue, comfort is great too, mids aren’t amazing but tolerable none the less, bass is more present which I enjoy but maybe less accurate, but I love my bass so could always use more for days where I want fun).

Examples of some of my favorite songs, for your use in comparison:
Shadow Dances by Opia
Call Me by Czarface
One Beer by MF Doom
Devil’s Train by Lab Rats
Lost in the Cold by Twiddle
Oxford, Ms by Davy Knowles
The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charles Daniel Band

I personally like the he 4xx’s a lot but not for hip hop I like them for some edm,rock and indie due to how natural they make percussion and guitar sound due to the unique texture a planar driver presents. but due to that same texture I dont find them too enjoyable for hip hop especially lo fi.

you want the 4xx.

I believe so too, eventually I want a neutral headphone for the neutrality though. Also, Argons exist, and fuck they might be my buy instead of the 4XX’s. I keep going back and forth, though.

well, depending on your budget and what amp you have…the DT 880 600 ohm are the bees knees for gaming audio and do good for music as well, but they’ve not got the bass. you want bass, the DT 990 600 ohm.

the 4xx have the imaging and the bass. and they sound good for music too.

Oh man, I might have to delay the Argons then and try those 4XX’s. Welp, I will be a happy boy when they’re on my head in a few weeks most likely, if I don’t jump back to the argons first, lol.

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