HD 6xx's for bass guitar music

I read in a comment on zeos’ review of the HD 6xx’s that they were his go-to for music with a lot of bass guitar (brr brr deng, lies, etc)

What do you crazy audiophile ppl think? stoopid or smart?

I just played some Primus through em, and it hit me upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat. Or something like that

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Yeah definitely great for instrumentation. Live recordings. It does have fun mid bass for sure so any percussion bass guitar does sound fun. Gooey tubes definitely bring this out further as they make the 6XX sound more dynamic. More dynamic more slam quality gives more impact to that bass and adds:

             B A S S    T e x t u r e
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my hd600’s have the most realistic bass of all my headphones. they sound like real bass. literaly. none of my other headphones sound even remotely close to as real. so i would agree


What are your other headphones?

random <$100 bluetooth noise canceling headphones :<

the HD 6xx’s are 650s, it’s such a jebate :<

they are close enough to the same. i have t60rp argons, dt880’s, meze noirs. also some cheaper ones.

600/650 are close in tuning, and its mostly the top end that differs.

edit: planars cant compete for natural bass guitar with dynamic drivers. they are to fast. bass strings have a lot of reverb and decay in the sound. fast drivers dont do decay well.

600 cleaner bass and hand slides
6xx beefier bass

Cant go wrong with either, both are great

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