Hd560s, tygr 300r, he 5xx

Which of these headphones do you think are the best jack of all trades of 2020 for music/movies/gaming around 200$ ?

1)Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R
Best FUN Headphones
These are the most fun with the most v shaped sound signature out of all three with great imaging although there is a bloom on low mids and midrange sounds distanced or as some might say recessed not a bad thing if that’s what you are looking for but the worst downside to these is that the cable is NOT DETACHABLE what?!

2)Hifiman HE 5XX (deva)
Best Planar Headphones
These cans are the most spacious with the great soundstage and Imaging the Hifiman is known for although they don’t have much bass response like tygrs and nor the clarity and timber quality of hd560s I wouldn’t say they are bad but they fall a bit short compare to other two otherwise If you are looking for a bright spacious sound these are a solid pick.

3)Sennheiser HD 560S
Best Tonality Headphones
And here comes the sennheiser with the best (relative to harmon curve) and probably the flattest sound signature of all three with the midrange sennheiser is known for years. They seem to have the best driver LR matching of all three and angled transducer which makes them feel more wide compare to other hd5 & hd6 series but nothing like the other two on this list in that regard.

They are all super comfortable and relatively easy to drive to a point where u can run any of these of a phone and get 80% of the performance on them but obviously an amp is recommended to get the full advantage of each headphone.
I guess my pick would be HD560S since they have some bass and some sound stage to get pass but great midrange, imaging and they are relatively easy to drive which makes them the complete package for anything I am looking for.


They are other good headphones like HD6XX, DT880, HE4XX (these ones are significantly hard to drive)
And ones like HD58X, DT990, PC38X (HD560S and TYGR 300r are better toned subjectively and have better detail retrieval objectively ) and some which go on sale for around the same 200$ price that I roled out to make the comparison more simple but if u feel like those are the better cans for your specific use case then go for them.

I am leaving the decision to community as sound and comfort of each can is completely personal and subjective.

Please feel free to leave any experience you have with any of them and list you favorite ones below.