HD58x vs HD6xx PLZ help!

Im looking for new headphones to use, im currently using the DT880 600 ohms with asgard 3 amp and atom dac, also have the atom amp. im just looking for fun sounding headphones. any recommendations appreciated.

Well i am prob a terrible person to ask for advice, but i can tell you my experience and that is if ur trynna decide between the 58x vs the 6xx just go ahead n get the 6xx bc it will eat at you until you get the 6xx. Or it did me. And i love them both but in hindsight, i would have went with the 6xx from the jump but to me, you cant go wrong with either. Although i feel the 6xx pulls out as my fave

You have plenty of power available, so the higher impedance of 6xx is no problem. Lovely cans to have in arsenal, but not sure how it plays to normal “fun” definition here

The 58x have a little more bass in the tuning, a bit thicker.

Neither are super fun headphones I tend to Puth them on the laid back territory but out of the 2 the 58x is the more fun headphone. The most fun massdrop headphones is the meze 99 noir and DT 177x imo